12+ Best Webinar Software Platforms of 2023 (+Top 5 picks)

Choosing the right webinar software is crucial for your business. From teaching a new skill, to promoting your products or service, to interacting with your community, you need the best webinar software to help you achieve your business goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed 12+ best webinar software according to their features, user ratings, pricing and ease of use.

We also presented our top 5 picks in case you want to quickly check out the best webinar tools.

Here are our top 5 picks:

From 2019 to around April 2020, on-demand and automated webinars experienced a marked increase in usage due to Covid-19. There has been a shift from face-to-face meetings as organizations recognized the cost-savings that webinar softwares offer them.

Businesses now use webinar softwares to engage with their clients; remote teams use it to collaborate with each other, regardless of location; and creators foster online communities, create online courses and continue to generate income for their businesses.

You are on this page probably because you already have reasons to host a webinar for your business and you want to start hosting live, on-demand or automated webinars, but are experiencing selection nightmares. Not to worry.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you will be able to have a clearer idea of how to choose the best webinar software, what makes a great webinar software, and what are the best webinar softwares in the market, so that you can go ahead and host a successful webinar.

How to Choose the Best Webinar Software

There are steps you need to take before starting your search for the best webinar software for your business. While there are no hard and fast rules, you should consider the following:

  1. Establish the purpose: Does your business really need to use a webinar software? How will it help you? How will it improve your bottomline?
  2. Create a budget: A budget will help you determine how much you’re willing to part with and will help you avoid costly mistakes. Without a budget, you might end up spending more money than you can afford, or paying for features you don’t really need.
  3. Know what you really want: Following on from above, you need to have an idea of the features you need. Consider which ones you care most about. Also identify which features you don’t need.
  4. Make your initial choice of potential software tools: Have a broad list of potential webinar software tools to consider. A list of 7 to 10 tools is ideal.
  5. Narrow your choices: Arguably the most difficult part. You need to consider your choices and trim down your list to a final 2 to 4 webinar software tools.

To help you with narrowing down your choices for the best webinar platform for you, there are pertinent questions you need to ask before choosing a particular webinar software. Questions like:

  • How difficult is it for viewers to download the webinar app and join your meeting?
  • How many viewers can you present to at any particular time?
  • What is the audio quality of your choice of webinar software?
  • How many presenters can you have at any one time?
  • What’s the waiting room experience for your viewers like?

This article will give you a rundown of over 12 different webinar software platforms available in the market, with their key features to enable you make better choice of webinar software.

What Makes a Great Webinar Software?

Everyone’s opinion of what the best webinar software tools should be like, is different. But there are things everyone agrees on. At the very least, you should be able to generate new attendees outside your already established audience, to maximize sales and revenue.

During the webinar proper, participants should feel like they are part of the webinar; not left behind. Users should also be able to review the performance of their webinars using KPIs, so that they know what area they need to improve on, in subsequent webinars.

Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links. At no extra cost to you if you choose to purchase a paid plan, I may get compensated for your purchase. Thanks for your support😌!

What Are the Best Webinar Software?

The following are my top choices for the best webinar software tools to try this year;

Best Webinar Software For Getting Started With a Free Plan (Free – $88/month).

Livestorm logo

What I Think About Livestorm:

Livestorm is a complete, easy to use tool. It is the best webinar software platform to manage meetings, webinars, and virtual events from start to finish. With over-the-top engagement and collaboration features, plus powerful analytics, Livestorm is your best if you want to take complete control of your online webinar from the beginning to the end.

  • Best For: Collaboration and Audience Engagement
  • Price: Free – $88/month
  • Annual Discount: Yes
  • Promotion: Sign Up For Free
  • Rating: 9.0/10

Livestorm is a great and complete webinar tool that comes with a lot of value up-front. Your viewers don’t have to download any software, as events can be accessed on any device with a web browser, like PCs, mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Livestorm’s customers come from various sectors, including technology, education, healthcare, government, media, real estate, and many others. Livestorm is available in 24 languages, connecting more users all over the world.

Among the very few webinar platforms with a free plan, Livestorm offers live, automated or on-demand webinars, and you can create webinars and online meetings with just a few clicks of the button.

If you’re a video podcaster, or you deliver courses online, or you are a company looking to do quick employee on-boarding, you’ll find Livestorm’s on-demand and automated webinars very useful.

Livestorm has an easy to use and a relatively intuitive user interface, and offers lots of add-ons and customization options.

You also have access to data about registrants and attendees and this makes it easy to analyze webinar performance and identify areas for improvement.

Livestorm has great email features too as you can send promotional emails with a touch of personalization. But an area where Livestorm excels is on audience engagement. You can create user polls, Q&A sessions and use up-votes to engage your customers during a live webinar session.

livestorm polls

What’s more, Livestorm makes joining your webinar easy as people can join with just a click of the invite link, even without creating a Livestorm account.

Livestorm Pros And Cons:


  • Detailed analytics of attendance.
  • The free plan provides too much value, as you get access to interactive chats, polls, and Q&As.
  • Customer support is in multiple languages.
  • You can display in-webinar CTA buttons.


  • Reports of inconsistent customer support.
  • Email reminders are not customizable.

Livestorm Key Features:

Livestorm features
  • Seamless integrations with your CRM of choice and over 1000 other apps.
  • Interactive polls, Q&As and chats for better customer engagement.
  • High level of sequences and automations.
  • Free plan has lots of essential features.
  • Detailed attendance analytics, source tracking and report of participation.
  • Unlimited storage for recording.
  • Ability to export data as either CSV or XLS files.
  • You can present a CTA button during a live session, to influence viewers actions.

Livestorm User Experience:

Livestorm user interface

Livestorm has great user experience, with an easy to use and relatively intuitive user dashboard. It is also easy to troubleshoot audio and video issues with a five-step process offered by Livestorm.

Issues arise regularly with most webinar softwares, but Livestorm will not leave you in the dark about fixing them, as they have a manual compatibility mode you can switch to if you’re having specific issues with your web browser.

Livestorm Pricing:

Livestorm has four pricing plans.

Livestorm pricing
  • Free: Livestorm’s free plan gives you access to essential features such as meeting and on-demand webinars. With up to 30 active contacts per month, 30 live attendees, unlimited team members and up to 20 minutes per session.
  • Pro ($88/month): Livestorm has a pro plan that offers users up to 500 active contacts per month, 500 live attendees per event, up to 500 replay viewers per month, HubSpot marketing integration, unlimited team members and maximum event duration up to 4 hours. You also get standard support.
  • Business (Custom price): Livestorm’s business plan offers you unlimited active contacts per month, unlimited team members. You also get up to maximum of 3000 live attendees per event, 4 hours maximum event duration, unlimited replays, HubSpot marketing automation, VIP support, 1 hour of personalized training and business onboarding.
  • Enterprise (Custom price): You get unlimited active contacts, up to 12 hours maximum event duration, up to 7 CRM and marketing automation integrations, advanced custom reporting, up to 4 executive business reviews per year, multiple personalized training sessions, dedicated customer success team, etc.

Livestorm packs a punch when it comes to features, and you get good value for every dollar spent. It’s no coincidence they’re number one on my list.

What I Like/Dislike About Livestorm:


  • Lots of integration options and Zapier setup.
  • Great video quality has been reported by many users.
  • They’re constantly updating and adding new tools.


  • Logo and cover image needs to be re-added for each and every webinar setup.

Livestorm Product Update:

  • Marketo’s native integration with Livestorm gives you the ability to effectively manage your marketing automation and lead capture.
  • Livestorm recently announced a new native integration with the collaborative whiteboard tool Miro whiteboards. This integration helps distributed teams collaborate, plan and present.

You can get started with the free plan from LiveStorm and upgrade to a paid plan when you’re ready to take your webinars a notch further.

Overall Best Webinar Software For Customer Support

Demio logo

What I Think About Demio:

Demio, with regards to customer support, is the absolute best webinar software platform. It has all the tools to make your webinars come across smoothly and uber-professional. They have great marketing tools that makes sharing information about your event easy.

Demio’s customer support is super helpful, responsive and out-of-this-world. I recommend Demio if you’re super interested in a platform that puts your need above theirs, and provide customer support that actually works.

Demio is a visually-pleasing, and beautiful platform that delivers high definition streaming videos. You can create webinars simply, because Demio maintains it’s core elements better than most platforms.

Demio’s webinar software platform is not bloated with features you don’t need. It has an amazing combination of no-download webinars, plus great marketing features to super-charge your audience acquisition efforts.

You can create live and pre-recorded videos with Demio. The platform is so simple to use that novices with no webinar experience can still record a video and stream to their audience easily.

Demio also have great customization features, and you can make your brand shine through on this platform.

Users get advanced webinar setup, robust analytics, responsive 24/7/365 email and chat support, including space for storage of up to 100 recorded webinars.

Demio Pros And Cons:


  • Demio are regularly updating their product and providing their roadmap
  • Extensive email marketing and lead generation tools.
  • Great customization makes your branding shine through.
  • Very responsive customer service.


  • Lack of customization for email follow-ups and reminders.

Demio Key Features:

Demio features
  • In-webinar offers and CTA buttons to increase click-through rate.
  • Built-in event analytics suite helps to measure and improve your webinars.
  • Easy integrations with 50+ marketing tools.
  • Comprehensive knowledge base and 24/7 live chat support.
  • Interact and engage your audience with real-time chat and great waiting room experience.

Demio User Experience:

Demio user experience

Demio interface is sleek, and the event experience is very user-friendly. They have a very intuitive user dashboard.

The dashboard has a chat feature by the right side. You can react to comments using emoticons, or answer questions directly.

You can also use the ‘answer live’ button to answer a question and it gets sent to every participant at the same time inside the comments in real-time.

There’s also ‘Speaker Preview’ at the top of the screen to allow participants see the speakers as they present.

Demio Pricing:

Demio pricing

Demio allows users to sign-up free and test out all their features for 14 days. They have paid plans that offers users 30% discount on annual payments. The following are the plans they offer:

  • Starter ($34/month): Allows up to 50 attendees per event, with only one host and a 3-hour session limit. You also get standard features and support.
  • Growth ($69/month): With this plan, you get everything from starter plus 150 attendees per webinar, up to 5 hosts per account, 8-hour session limit, custom rooms and branding, automated events and registration source tracking.
  • Premium (Custom pricing): This plan is paid annually. You get everything from the growth plan, no limits on hosts per account, 10-hour session limit, VIP support, custom domains, concierge onboarding, a dedicated account manager and premium integration.

What I Like/Dislike About Demio:


  • I love that you can bring people onto the webinar live. And I love that students can access the recordings after the sessions.
  • It’s easy to create well-designed and professional-looking webinars.
  • You have the ability to share handouts for download within the webinar chatbox.
  • Super-responsive customer satisfaction team.


  • The price is a bit on the higher end for startups. There are really no in-betweens if you want to have a customized interface.

Demio Product Update:

  • Demio just created a brand new Messages table that will provide an easy way for you to manage and export message stats within the ‘Activity’ area.
  • Demio recently incorporated Emoji Picker. With that, you can easily add emojis to you event titles.

Demio is the webinar software platform for you if you’re looking for great customer support, and want to easily create and run effective webinars, with great marketing tools.

Save 30% on all Demio plans when you pay annually.

Best For Managing Both Video Conferencing And Webinar Needs

Zoho logo

What I Think About Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting is a reliable, and easily accessible platform. It offers multiple communication solutions under one roof. With industrial standard security features, you will run your webinars without fear of your user data getting compromised.

With awesome customization features, and corporate-grade user-experience on all plans immediately available to you after creating an account, you can quickly get started with a free plan on Zoho Meeting. And you won’t be wrong.

  • Best For: Business Collaboration With Screen Sharing/Audio And Video Conferencing
  • Price: Free – $16/month
  • Annual Discount: Yes (Get more than 15% discount on annual plans)
  • Promotion: Get all features free for 14-days. No credit card required.
  • Rating: 8.9/10

Zoho Meeting values privacy a lot. And they figured their users would too. So they made a choice to put privacy at the top of their priority list.

The team at Zoho uses their own software. According to them, many of their products were developed to meet their own needs. So you can rest, assured that whatever problems you face as a user, they also face, and they’re working assiduously to fix it.

Their user interface is simple and consistent across devices, and can be accessed from a web browser. So there’s no need to download any software which potentially puts your computer at risk of a malware attack.

Zoho Meeting Pros And Cons:


  • Good user polls and analytics features
  • All-in-one video conferencing tools available under one roof.
  • Video conferencing feed is highly interactive.


  • Webinar feature does not have HD audio.
  • Technical support is only through email and web contact form
  • Has some trouble adjusting to the screen resolution on mobile devices

Zoho Meeting Key Features:

zoho meeting features
  • Advanced webinar functionalities that give you complete control of your webinars
  • Industry standard SSL encryption and security features make sure your meeting is secure.
  • Remotely assign co-hosting responsibilities to another member of your organization.
  • Choose from a variety of static images and GIFs to create a disturbance-free video background throughout the session.
  • Brainstorm ideas, take notes, create flowcharts, and summarize meetings using whiteboard.

Zoho Meeting User Experience:

Zoho meeting user interface

The basic features like Video Conferencing and Audio Conferencing are seamless.

Zoho Meeting is part of the Zoho Universe and a user-friendly and easy-to-use collaboration tool. In fact, the ease of use is the most important point to note about Zoho Meeting.

Inviting participants is a breeze, as you can quickly send emails to them or share meeting link directly.

Moderator controls helps you to mute all, or individual, participants. You can also remove participants when they aren’t part of the discussion anymore.

You’ll find the main controls on the left-hand side of your screen. With these controls, you can share your meeting screen, lock your meeting and exit. These controls are presented in a very simple and easy-to-understand menu.

Zoho Meeting Pricing:

Zoho meeting pricing

Zoho Meeting has a very affordable pricing structure that scales with your business.

The pricing starts at $16/month per organizer for up to 25 attendees and you can scale to 3000 attendees for only $300/month per organizer.

Here’s what’s interesting, whether you pay $16 per month or $300 per month, you get access to all of Zoho Meeting’s features.

Then there’s the free plan, that gives you access to up to 100 attendees, but with limited features.

To test out Zoho Meeting and their premium features, there’s also a 14-day free trial and no credit card is required.

Zoho Meeting Likes/Dislikes:


  • Zoho Meeting’s video conferencing feature is lightning-fast and lag-free
  • No need for additional software as you can use it on any web browser
  • Very good and easy-to-use interface makes setting up your webinar a breeze
  • It’s a cheaper option compared to many alternatives


  • You can have only 250 meeting participants.
  • Minor complaints of disconnections and slow-downs during webinars

Zoho Meeting Product Update:

  • Zoho Meeting introduced Whiteboard feature recently. You can now use this feature to brainstorm ideas with meeting attendees in real time
  • You can now create and launch live polls in online meetings to let participants voice their opinions on a subject

Check out Zoho Meeting features with a 14-day free trial, without a credit card.

Best For Selling Products And Services In-Webinar

WebinarJam logo

What I Think About WebinarJam:

Being able to present call-to-action buttons in the middle of a webinar presentation can significantly boost your revenue. Some years back, this just wasn’t possible, but with WebinarJam, it is now possible to pop up a call-to-action button during a live presentation. This feature is the most important reason I recommend WebinarJam as it can help you to increase your bottom-line.

  • Best For: Presenting Offers In-webinar
  • Price: $39/month – $379/month
  • Annual Discount: No
  • Promotion: Get a free trial for only $1
  • Rating: 8.6/10

WebinarJam is one of my top-six webinar software platforms to use this year for a reason. If you are a novice, with little to no technical knowledge of webinar softwares, this one should be pretty easy for you to use.

This webinar software produces a complete livestream event from start to finish and you can stream directly to your YouTube page.

WebinarJam has an array of interesting features like, easy-to-use dashboard, multiple presenters option, HD video and customer-facing interfaces.

Webinars can also be recorded and sent directly to attendees at the end of the webinar.

WebinarJam has created training videos for every possible problem users might encounter in using their platform.

WebinarJam Pros And Cons:


  • The PANIC button is a real life saver in case anything goes wrong during use.
  • You’re in complete control and can show your offer to attendees at will.
  • Social media integrations is easy.
  • Ability to add polls and surveys into your webinars.


  • Only annual subscription available.
  • Tech support can be slow sometimes.

WebinarJam Key Features:

webinarjam features
  • WebinarJam packs in a lot of features that makes it very attractive. The most attractive being the ‘active offers’ feature with which you can convert your webinar into a full-fledged money-making event with live offer displays.
  • It also features full email and SMS reminder system that you can use to follow up on your invitees after webinar registration. You can also craft emails to your attendees post-webinar, based on their actions, like leaving early, missing your webinar or staying until the end.
  • Webinar also has professionally designed built-in registration pages, with A/B testing features to know which landing pages converts more.
  • With their ‘attendee spotlight’ feature, you can bring an attendee up your virtual stage to join you during the presentation. They can speak, share screen, and broadcast their webcam. You can also easily switch them back to attendee-only mode.
  • WebinarJam’s ‘live chat’ feature enables you to chat and run live Q&As during an event. This way, you keep your webinar events alive and engaging.

WebinarJam User Experience:

WebinarJam user dashboard

Speaking of user experience, WebinarJam has a lot of information in one dashboard and is very intuitive.

It packs in robust traffic and engagement analytics that gives you all the data you need for successful webinars.

With the engagement analytics, you’ll be able to see how many of your attendees are present and the percentage that saw the live webinar. You’ll also be able to get similar information for the webinar replay.

There’s also a built-in chat feature that you can use to interact with each of your registrants/attendees to foster connection on a personal level.

The ‘offer’ button is conspicuous and you can use it to present offers live to your audience during a webinar presentation.

Before your offer goes live, you’ll be able to see it exactly the way your audience will view it. You can preview the offer title, set the offer image, and any other pertinent information you want your audience to see.

WebinarJam Pricing:

webinarjam pricing

WebinarJam has 4 pricing tiers and they are all billed annually.

  • Starter Plan – $39/month (billed annually): This plan allows up to 100 attendees per webinar. Only 1 host is allowed, with unlimited webinars, and maximum webinar duration of 1 hour.
  • Basic Plan – $79/month (billed annually): With this plan, you’re guaranteed up to 500 webinar attendees, including 2 hosts. You also get unlimited webinars and 2 hours maximum webinar duration.
  • Professional Plan – $229/month (billed annually): With this plan, you get a whooping 2000 attendees per webinar, with up to 3 hours maximum webinar duration. You also get unlimited webinars with up to 4 hosts per event, among other things.
  • Enterprise Plan – $379/month (billed annually): The enterprise plan guarantees up to 5000 attendees per webinar and each webinar can last up to 4 hours maximum. You also get up to 6 hosts and can host unlimited webinars.

WebinarJam also has a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee and you can cancel anytime. Try it now.

WebinarJam Likes/Dislikes:


  • Step-by-step video tutorials for almost every step of the set-up process.
  • Lots of options for what to do during a webinar – screenshare, record video, upload slides, play a video, run a poll, etc.
  • Great design and user interface plus easy-of-use makes it a great webinar software.
  • Runs exclusively in your browser, is relatively lightweight and not very data-heavy.


  • Questionnaires at the end of the webinar presentation is a big miss. For example, you can’t vote the best product presented, or express the needs to be recontacted on a product presented at the end of the webinar.
  • Reports of slow customer support.

WebinarJam Product Update:

  • Team management feature. If you have a WebinarJam account, you can now create ‘departments’, this feature helps you to manage your teams.

WebinarJam gives you a 14-day trial for $1 to test out its features. Check it out.

5. WebinarNinja.

Best High-end, Easy-to-use Webinar Software For Creators And Coaches

WebinarNinja logo

What I Think About WebinarNinja:

WebinarNinja is a great webinar software to use if you’re a coach or creator who likes to teach your audience one-on-one or in a group session. WebinarNinja lets you focus on the presentation, not the tech. With easy integrations with marketing tools and payment apps, you will have a hassle-free experience delivering high-quality coaching to your audience.

  • Best For: Creators And Coaches
  • Price: $29/month – $199/month
  • Annual Discount: Yes! You Get 2 Months Free.
  • Promotion: Get 14-day Free Trial
  • Rating: 8.0/10

WebinarNinja is a great all-in-one webinar tool designed with creators and coaches in mind. Major brands like Bfinance, Subbly, Baremetrics, Spring House and more use it. They’re known as the easiest way to do webinars. The integrated sign-up and thank-you pages makes creating a webinar in less than one minute possible.

Over 30,000 businesses, including coaches, creators, freelancers, software companies, authors, schools, and non-profits around the world have switched to WebinarNinja to fundamentally improve how they teach and grow their business with live video.

WebinarNinja gives you the ability to create 4 different types of webinars:

  • Live – For stress-free live teaching, coaching & presenting.
  • Automated & Evergreen – Record, share and repeat. Reach more people in more places, at anytime with automated and evergreen presentations.
  • Series – Multi-lesson series. Teach & share even more with in-depth series webinars.
  • Hybrid – Lets you share pre-recorded content with live attendees.

WebinarNinja Pros And Cons:


  • You can integrate 1000+ apps using Zapier.
  • Ability to play video over a webinar and ability to share screen instantly.
  • Efficient live chat enables yo to interact real-time with your attendees.


  • No money-back guarantees.
  • The back-end might be a little clunky to use for beginners.

WebinarNinja Key Features:

WebinarNinja Features
  • Email marketing, website and Zapier integrations with over 1000 apps.
  • Run Q&As with upvote and timestamp, live offers, polls and share screen during live webinars.
  • Stats and analytics gives you a clear picture of how your webinar went, and you can adjust accordingly.
  • Stripe integration enables you to charge a fee for webinar attendance.
  • Unique, branded, high-converting ‘registration’ and ‘thank-you’ pages.
  • Customize your registration and thank you pages, forms, emails, buttons and more in any language you like.
  • View, download, or share your live webinar recording whenever you like.
  • Time-saving industry-tested templates for everything, from registration, to emails and more.

WebinarNinja User Experience:

WebinarNinja User Interface

WebinarNinja makes easily setting up a webinar in under one minute possible. The ‘Landing’ pages, ‘Thank You’ pages, Automatic Email Notifications and reminders are all done in the background for you (and customizable by you!).

You can run live, automated or evergreen, hybrid and series webinars, whether free or paid. Replays can also be recorded and sent automatically to your list. All of these with the help of big, clear buttons that helps you get started in no time.

The dashboard is not littered with fluff, and it’s easy to find whatever option or setting you’re looking for. You can create a webinar quickly and without a big learning curve.

Getting your webinar live on this platform is as simple as selecting your webinar type, choosing data and time, then start promoting.

WebinarNinja Pricing:

WebinarNinja Pricing

WebinarNinja has a 14-day free trial, so that you can test out their features before getting started with them.

Then it has 3 paid plans as follows:

Basic ($29/month): This plan suits you if you require up to 50 attendees/viewers for your webinar. You also get up to 2 hours per webinar and 1 guest presenter among other things.

Pro ($99/month): The Pro plan is the most popular plan of the three. This plan gives you access to up to 100 live attendees per webinar, up to 4 hours per webinar and up to 4 guest presenters.

Business ($199/month): With the Business plan, you get up to 100 live attendees, up to 8 hours per webinar, and up to 10 guest presenters.

All 3 plans give you unlimited webinars, unlimited registrants, live webinars, unlimited landing pages & forms, email notifications & broadcasts, paid webinars with no fees and you can also send unlimited emails.

Check out their 14-day free trial.

WebinarNinja Likes/Dislikes:


  • This tool makes it insanely easy to create a webinar.
  • Offers HD video and DOLBY audio quality.
  • They keep improving their product and customer service has gotten better.


  • Integration with other business tools can be better.
  • Settings saved as default don’t appear that way across future webinars.

WebinarNinja Product Update:

  • WebinarNinja moved their servers to Vapor, a completely cloud-based solution that makes all webinars even faster, crisper, and better performing.

Get 2 free months when you subscribe to WebinarNinja’s annual plans.

Premium All-in-one Virtual Event Platform For Corporations

GoToWebinar Homepage

What I Think About GoToWebinar:

GoToWebinar is a robust, hybrid software tool suited for corporations who use webinars for marketing, training, or corporate communications. With a reliable technology that is super easy to use, GoToWebinar gives you the features, integrations and analytics you need to engage your audience and drive sales.

  • Best For: Medium to Large Corporations
  • Price: $59/month – $499/month
  • Annual Discount: You get 17% – 23% discount on annual plans
  • Promotion: Get a 7-day Free Trial on the Pro Plan
  • Rating: 8.6/10

With GoToWebinar, you don’t have to bother about the stress that comes with creating and organizing webinars. Just focus on growing your audience and your business. GoToWebinar makes personal connections that drive your business possible.

To get started with creating a webinar, just choose your event date and the platform will take care of every other thing.

GoToWebinar has customizable modes and interactive features and their insightful analytics and powerful integrations gives you everything you need to host virtual events of all sizes.

With enterprise-grade security, GoToWebinar keeps everyone’s data safe and your events uninterrupted.

GoToWebinar gives your attendees your very best with HD video and crystal-clear audio – and advanced features that make your events as effective as they are easy.

Pros And Cons:


  • User interface is very intuitive and setting up a webinar is easy.
  • Seamless integration capabilities.
  •  Virtual classroom, Q&A, and polling features makes for great audience engagement.
  • Excellent video and audio quality.


  • No free plan available to test out features.
  • Might be a little pricey for the average user.

GoToWebinar Key Features:

  • Insightful and useful analytics.
  • 24/7/365 customer service.
  • Integrations with GoToStage.
  • Up to 3,000 webinar attendees.
  • Polls and surveys for great audience engagement.
  • Virtually raise hand. Attendees can easily grab your attention by virtually raising their hand.
  • Source tracking to discover which channels drove the most webinar signups and better target future promotions. 
  • Integrate GoToWebinar seamlessly with apps you already use every day.

GoToWebinar User Experience:

GoToWebinar User Interface

GoToWebinar user dashboard is very clean and unambiguous, and creating a webinar is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

The user options are accessible using icons on the left of the screen.

If you need to save time, you can use the ‘Copy a Webinar’ feature that replicates all the information you inputted in a previous webinar.

The analytics dashboard is super easy to interpret and gives you a clear view of your webinar performance over a particular period of time.

Overall, user experience of this platform is way above average and you can’t get stuck on any tech stuff as their great customer support is always on hand to make sure of that.

GoToWebinar Pricing:

GoToWebinar Pricing

GoToWebinar has 4 different paid plans. They include the following:

  • Lite ($49/month): The Lite plan gives you access to up to 250 participants, and you can get 17% discount on an annual plan. You get up to $120 in savings.
  • Standard ($99/month): With this plan, you can host an event for up to 500 participants. You get a 23% discount if you purchase an annual plan.
  • Pro ($199/month): This is GoToWebinar’s most popular plan. Save 20% on an annual plan and get up to 1000 participants for your event. You can also try this plan FREE for 7 days.
  • Enterprise ($399/month): The Enterprise plan costs $399/month and you can host up to 3000 attendees. You also get a 20% savings when you pay annually.

All plans include access to reporting and analytics, full service registration, automated emails and polls and Q&As.

GoToWebinar Likes/Dislikes:


  • The platform is robust and dependable.
  • Superior audio-visual performance and excellent screen recording and sharing experience.
  • Excellent analytics features that helps you gain more insight about attendees.
  • Prompt and super helpful customer support.


  • Does not offer transcription out-of-the-box. Transcription would be a great addition to the video recording function.

GoToWebinar Product Update:

  • Register attendees in bulk. Now webinar organizers can upload registrants in bulk to their virtual event.
  • Co-organisers and panellists. Including the organizer, you can now have 49 co-organizers and 50 panelists. A total of 100 staff members as co-organizers or panellists.

Try GoToWebinar’s Pro plan free for 7 days.

Best Webinar Platform With Email Marketing Integration

GetResponse Homepage

GetResponse was built first, as an email marketing platform, but also includes complete webinar hosting features. If you’re looking for a complete marketing solution that includes both email marketing and webinar hosting, I highly recommend you try GetResponse.

Just as important as webinar is to your business, email marketing is equally as, if not more important than webinar, and can significantly increase your revenue if done right.

Apart from complete webinar hosting and email marketing integrations, other marketing tools included in this platform are website builder, autoresponders, advanced segmentation, sales funnels and more.

GetResponse Pros And Cons:


  • Unlimited email newsletters to up to 500 contacts monthly on the free plan.
  • Very high email delivery rate.
  • Email support in 8 languages.
  • All other essential marketing features in one place.


  • Support is over email and live chat. No telephone support.
  • Properly adding tags to contacts can be a headache sometimes.

GetResponse Key Features:

  • Customizable webinar URL.
  • Up to 1000 live webinar attendees.
  • SEO-optimized webinar landing pages.
  • One-click Facebook Pixel integration to retarget page visitors.
  • Brainstorm ideas and promote collaboration using interactive whiteboards.
  • Livestream your webinar on Facebook and YouTube.
  • In-webinar call-to-action buttons to promote your products and special offers.
  • Polls and tests to collect valuable audience feedback during webinar.
  • Evergreen webinars to put your lead generation on autopilot.
  • Advanced sales funnel capabilities to nurture your leads.

GetResponse Pricing:

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse has the following plans:

  • Free Plan ($0/month): Gives you access to up to 500 contacts and unlimited email newsletters, website builder and 1 landing page.
  • Email Marketing ($15.58/month): All features from the forever free plan plus auto-responders, unlimited landing pages and website builder, basic segmentation, email scheduling and API integrations. All these for up to 1000 contacts.
  • Marketing Automation ($48.38/month): This is their most popular and first plan with webinar features. For up to 1000 contacts, you get Email Marketing plan features plus, marketing and event-based automation, advanced segmentation, contact scoring and sales funnels.
  • Ecommerce Marketing ($97.58/month): Features of Marketing Automation plan plus quick transactional emails, ecommerce segmentation, abandoned cart recovery, promo codes, product recommendations and web push notifications.

Notice that all GetResponse paid plans begin with up to 1000 contacts. The price increases as your contact size increases.

GetResponse gives you 18% discount for a 12-month plan and up to 30% discount for a 24-month plan.

Best For Always-On/On-Demand Webinar Presentations

EverWebinar Homepage

EverWebinar is one of Genesis Digital’s products and can be integrated with WebinarJam – another of the company’s products. Genesis Digital sells the products separately or as a bundle.

This webinar platform simulates the live webinar experience for customers and operates completely automated. EverWebinar offers advanced scheduling system, webinars on-demand, and custom design.

EverWebinar has excellent audio and video streaming quality. Their scheduling system lets you select either a specific date and time in the calendar, or recurring schedules with flexible days and times of the week and time zones based on what works best for your audience.

EverWebinar is best suited for small and medium enterprises looking to generate leads, nurture the leads and boost their sales and bottom-line using webinars. If you’re a WebinarJam user (sold separately), you can import a previous live webinar and convert it automatically into an evergreen event with one click.

EverWebinar Pros And Cons:


  • Great for prerecorded stuff. You can get an evergreen webinar up and running in under 15 minutes.
  • Very clean and simple interface.
  • Displays real-time performance stats.


  • Customer service can be a bit lacking sometimes.
  • No free plan available.

EverWebinar Key Features:

  • Easily split-test your webinar landing page and its contents.
  • Pop visually-captivating offers in front of your live audience.
  • Full email and SMS system to follow up on your audience.
  • Ability to fake your audience count
  • Convert past live events into on-demand, evergreen webinars.
  • Auto-detect user time-zone, so that your audience is served within their own time.
  • Analytics and real-time performance stats to better understand your audience.
  • Integration capabilities with your CRM or autoresponder of choice.

EverWebinar Pricing:

EverWebinar Pricing

EverWebinar has only two pricing options:

  • Yearly ($41.58/month): This plan is billed annually and gives you access to the full suite of EverWebinar features.
  • Biennial ($36.41/month): Billed every two years. This plan gives you 27 months (3 free months), and the the full EverWebinar features as well.

Get started with EverWebinar’s 14-day trial for only $1.

Best For Free Live Streaming

LiveWebinar Homepage

LiveWebinar is a powerful, all-in-one webinar platform that allows you to host webinars and run virtual events. It is best suited for big businesses who already have an established audience and want continued engagement with them.

LiveWebinar gives you access to up to 500 attendees per webinar, but that number can be increased with paid add-ons.

With LiveWebinar, you can livestream your video to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. It also records and stores up your files using your personal cloud. LiveWebinar also gives you the ability to engage your audience using live polls and chats.

LiveWebinar Pros And Cons:


  • Webinar room is fully mobile-responsive.
  • Free plan can host up to 45 minutes of meeting for 5 attendees.
  • Split main-rooms during live-meeting into break-out rooms.


  • User interface can be a bit confusing for first-time users.
  • Paid add-ons to increase the number of attendees.

LiveWebinar Key Features:

  • Screen sharing allows you to share your desktop in real-time with others.
  • Chat translation in real-time into your preferred language.
  • Cloud storage to store your personal files, and use them on-hand freely during your webinar.
  • Livestreaming to broadcast your webinar live to your Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo channels.
  • Polls & surveys, chats and call-to-action buttons to improve audience engagement and collaboration.
  • The whiteboard feature allows you and your participants to draw on documents and videos, so you can express your ideas in more creative ways.
  • Breakout rooms to split your main meeting room in smaller, more manageable rooms, during your online webinar.
  • Customize and brand your webinars with your logo and colors for a more identifiable brand all under your domain.

LiveWebinar Pricing:

LiveWebinar Pricing

LiveWebinar has a free plan, with basic software configuration for personal meetings, and you can host up to 5 attendees. You cannot brand your webinar using the free plan, but you can get access to email invitations, registration forms, tests, polls and surveys and you can organize meetings up to 45 minutes. You also have three paid plans to choose from;

  • Pro ($17.99/month): This plan is geared towards teams who want to develop their webinar strategies. You can host up to 100 attendees (or more with add-ons), send up to 200 email invitations in a 24-hour period, have up to 6-hour of recordings, virtual backgrounds, include your own branding and get paid by attendees for your webinar.
  • Business ($143/month): This plan is for you if your business is looking for enhanced online meeting experience. You get all the benefits of the Pro Plan, plus up to 500 attendees (which you can also increase using paid add-ons), send unlimited/bulk email invitations, record up to 8-hours of video, get 5 evergreen webinars, ability to track participants, ads banner (to display ads during webinar, and more.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): The Enterprise plan gives you a fully customized plan that includes premium support with designated account manager, all events and meeting under your own domain, customized features and options tailored to your business, custom CSS and JS files to fully enhance your brand identity.

All paid plans include broadcast to social media, language interpretation, which allows you to add interpreters and assign them a language of translation, chat translation, virtual backgrounds, and more.

Try out LiveWebinar features with their free plan.

Best For Very Large Virtual Events With Premium Performance

BlueJeans Homepage

BlueJeans Virtual Events is one of five products in the BlueJeans by Verizon portfolio. This video conferencing platform is used to create engaging virtual experiences like livestreams, and townhalls for large global audiences running into several thousand attendees.

BlueJeans highly interactive, production-grade platform can scale events to 150,000 attendees and 150 presenters worldwide. The platform also allows you to brand your virtual experiences with custom landing pages, emails, and waiting room music, to create memorable experiences for your attendees.

This platform is great for businesses in the Healthcare, IT, Oil & Gas, Tech, Education, Entertainment, Public Sector, Financial Services and Legal industries to mention a few. You can create interactive events by using the Q&A, chats, polling and hand-raising tools and you can livestream to your social media platforms.

Pros And Cons:


  • Superior voice quality to most other teleconferencing solutions on the market.
  • Very easy and intuitive software to use. Requires little to no training.
  • No need to download any additional softwares as your virtual event runs on your browser.
  • In terms of security, it is very reliable and it even detects forced access to meetings.


  • BlueJeans is a very resource-intensive tool. A good device and fast internet connection is required if you must get optimum performance.

BlueJeans Key Features:

  • Host virtual events to a global audience of up to 150,000 attendees.
  • Can stream live to social media networks including Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.
  • 2-Hour maximum event duration.
  • Entirely browser-based, no-download webinar experience.
  • Presenter prep room and attendee waiting area features.
  • Support is online only.
  • Attendee engagement features including, chat, polls and surveys, raise hand, etc.
  • Crystal clear audio

BlueJeans Pricing:

BlueJeans Pricing
  • BlueJeans Event’s pricing starts out at $41.67/month (for annual subscription). With this you have 100 attendees and can host an unlimited number of concurrent events. Maximum event duration is two hours. You also get online support if you run into any issues.
  • The second plan is for large-scale video events. You will need to contact BlueJeans sales for a customized plan depending on your needs. With this plan you can get up to 150,000 view-only attendees, flexible event length and participant count options, peer-to-peer networking for bandwidth management, marketing automation integrations with Marketo & Salesforce and a dedicated account manager with 24/7/365 access.

BlueJeans annual plan guarantees you up to 16% in savings.

Most Beginner-friendly Webinar Software

EasyWebinar Homepage

EasyWebinar could make you look like a professional webinar host, even if you’re just a beginner. They have successfully removed all the pain that non-techies feel when creating and running webinars. As their name implies, they’re just ‘easy’.

And if ‘easy’ isn’t the catch for you, EasyWebinar has successfully integrated their webinar technology with some awesome marketing capabilities.

Their live and automated webinars is what you need to become a sales hero. You can build your webinar sales funnel with any combination of integrated tools. This webinar tool makes it easy to trigger automated campaigns from your favorite software platforms.

EasyWebinar gives you a 14-days free trial to check out their platform before committing to a long-term plan.

Pros And Cons:


  • EasyWebinar is very easy to use. It also simplifies the process of building out landing pages for your events.
  • Outstanding customer service support.
  • CTA buttons to take your attendees to your offer landing page, with scarcity features (countdown timer) to increase urgency.
  • Lots of instruction videos to make setting up easy and painless.


  • The interface looks dated and not always intuitive.
  • EasyWebinar is a little pricey at the moment.

EasyWebinar Key Features:

  • Automated webinars to simulate the experience of a live event.
  • You can have up to 4 presenters in a live webinar and make any attendee a presenter with the click of a button.
  • Perfect HD screen-sharing including presentations, documents, browser windows and more.
  • Robust and super easy real-time chat features to engage your community.
  • EasyCast feature allows you to stream live on multiple social media platforms at the same time.
  • Repurpose your live webinars by moving them from a live event to an automated funnel.
  • Reach a larger audience by streaming in your attendees local timezone.
  • Utilize the right-on-time feature to stream webinars at the next 15 minute increment from the time a visitor comes to your page.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting to review your webinar performance and get actionable information that will help you improve your events.
  • Increase engagement using polling, Q&A features and send live offers to your audience.

EasyWebinar Pricing:

EasyWebinar gets you started with 14 days free trial, and you can cancel any time. Their pricing plan has three tiers and you get 3 months free with an annual billing.

EasyWebinar Pricing
  • Standard ($58/month billed annually): This is EasyWebinar’s most basic plan. You save $19/month when you pay annually. With this plan you get up to 100 live attendees. EasyCast feature to stream your events directly to social media, unlimited automated webinars with up to 100 simultaneous attendees per webinar, access to onboarding, and support via chat.
  • Pro ($90/month billed annually): Their most popular plan so far. You get access to all features of the Standard plan, plus up to 500 live attendees, and custom fields from the registration form.
  • Enterprise ($349/month billed annually): You get all Pro plan features, plus up to 2000 live attendees (unlimited attendees on all automated webinars/sessions when paying ANNUALLY…otherwise, it is up to 2000 simultaneous attendees per webinar session), Hubspot and Pardot integration, dedicated account representative and more.

Check out EasyWebinar’s 14 days free trial.

Best Webinar Software For Educators

ClickMeeting Homepage

ClickMeeting is the best webinar software geared towards teachers who need to broadcast their training modules, sales professionals who need to reach their customers for product demonstration, training and other sales and marketing efforts or businesses who need virtual collaboration among team members.

ClickMeeting is suitable for businesses of all size. From micro-businesses to global enterprises, ClickMeeting brings its feature-rich, browser-based webinar and online meeting platform and proves its worth as a multi-purpose application dedicated to managing and running various types of online events.

You get clear instructions to easily setup your webinars, without worrying about any technical stuff. Their amazing customer support team is always on hand to guide you through every process from setup to finish.

Thanks to ClickMeeting’s webcasting technology, you can create a life-like experience and run any type of online meeting from business online meetings to live webinars, automated webinars, on-demand webinars, paid webinars and huge virtual events with up to 10,000 attendees.

ClickMeeting And Cons:


  • Webinars are presented beautifully as they offer extensive and professional looking teaching tools, even for the customer.
  • The platform is simple and perfect. Anyone could use it, even non-techies.
  • Significantly cheaper and better value for money.
  • Tutorials and really helpful customer support.
  • Regular updates and improvements to answer more of the customers needs.


  • You need help from customer service to down-scale license. You can’t do it on your dashboard.
  • Only 4 presenters allowed, even in their Enterprise plan.

ClickMeeting Key Features:

  • Create up to 20 breakout rooms and dedicated spaces.
  • Up to 10,000 viewers for your event thanks to webcasting technology.
  • Interactive tools like user polls and surveys, live chats, Q&As, whiteboard and screen sharing features.
  • Custom branded event landing pages.
  • Waiting room with agenda to keep your audience engaged before your webinar starts.
  • Comfortable online teaching environment with EduMode.
  • Webinar and attendee statistics and performance rating to help you figure out areas of improvement for subsequent events.
  • Stream your event live on Facebook and YouTube to build your audience.

ClickMeeting Pricing:

ClickMeeting Pricing

ClickMeeting has a flexible pricing structure based on your number of attendees, and also includes a free 30 days trial.

  • Live ($35/month billed annually): This plan is for up to 25 attendees and puts everything you need to run efficient online business meetings and live webinars in your hands. You get unlimited online meetings and webinars,1 host, 1 presenter, 6 hours of recording space and up to 1GB of storage space plus many more.
  • Automated ($45/month billed annually): The Automated plan gives you all the features and integrations of Live plan, plus automated webinar cycle. You get to autostream on Facebook or YouTube, auto-publish your recordings on YouTube profile and other profile pages, certificates of attendance and more.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): Depending on the features you need and the number of attendees you are anticipating, this plan gives you scalable and customizable solution for up to 10,000 attendees and is perfect for mid-size companies and large enterprises.

ClickMeeting’s 30 days free trial is perfect to test out their features before paying for a subscription.

Summary of Best Webinar Softwares (Top 5 Picks).

With that, we have concluded our round-up of the best webinar softwares to use this year.

But here’s another summary of our top 5 picks;

  • Livestorm – Best Webinar Software For Getting Started With a Free Plan.
  • Demio – Overall Best Webinar Software For Customer Support.
  • Zoho Meeting – Best For Managing Both Video Conferencing And Webinar Needs.
  • WebinarNinja – Best High-end, Easy-to-use Webinar Software For Creators And Coaches.
  • GoToWebinar – Premium All-in-one Virtual Event Platform For Corporations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Webinar Software.

Webinar Platforms – Final Words

The webinar tools listed in this article are some of the best you can find in the market today, and it’s because of their impressive performance and user-friendliness, apart from the price.

Which webinar software is best for you to use will depend on what your needs are, what features you’re looking for, what your budget is, and what’s best for your business. What’s the goal for your business? Do you want to boost your conversion rates or need to conduct a poll/survey? It’s crucial to select the tool that offers the specific features you need.

Most tools listed here give you a free account or access to try out their features for some time before upgrading to a paid plan. You can then purchase a paid plan when you have found what you’re looking for.

Are you planning to use any of the webinar software listed in this post? Let me know which one.

Disclosure: This article contain some affiliate links and I may be compensated by the vendors when you make a purchase through the links on this page. This is at no extra cost to you. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my Privacy Policy page.

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