10 Reasons To Host A Webinar (And Grow Your Business)

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Looking for reasons to host a webinar?

From a business stand point, webinars have become one of the most effective marketing tools of every business. 73 percent of B2B marketers have stated that they are vital for generating high-quality leads. Yet, lots of businesses and entrepreneurs have not realised many of the benefits that can come from hosting webinars for their business. In this post, we present to you 10 of the most important reasons to host a webinar – and grow your business while doing so.

The reasons stated here may not all apply to you. And to be honest, they shouldn’t. Webinars come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t all work for all type of businesses. In this article, we’ll focus more on marketing and sales webinars.

Here are top 10 reasons to host a webinar and grow your business.

1. Webinars Can Make You An Authority In Your Field

Before a person decides to attend your webinar, they must have probably checked you out. Then they made up their mind to give you their email, register for your webinar, even saved it up on their calendar. This person set their alarm for your webinar time, and they eventually showed up for your webinar. They have shown that they trust you to an extent.

This person ended up giving you full 30 minutes to 1 hour of his/her time, and listened aptly. All I can think about is that this person already thought you were an authority in your field, even before they registered. And if you deliver so much value during your webinar, you would end up reinforcing what they already believe.

2. To Give So Much Value To Your Audience

Reasons to host a webinar - Give Value to Your Audience

This can be one of the main reasons for your business to start hosting webinars. When you give out so much value to your audience (prospects), making them a sales offer will be easier. They will hardly see you as salesy.

With webinars, unlike any other audience engagement medium, you can interact and keep your audience engaged for hours on end. That aside, your audience can ask questions and get answers in real-time, thereby boosting their understanding of what you’re talking about.

What’s more, your webinar can also be an avenue to ask your audience questions and receive real-time feedback to better tailor your content to your audience needs. You can get your audience to take action and have some small micro-wins of their own.

This leads to transformations throughout the content, and it can happen within a very short period of time. Explaining why webinars are some of the highest converting forms of marketing.

3. Webinars Open You Up To A Wider Audience

One of the greatest things about webinars is probably the ability to have conversations and interact in real-time with thousands of people all over the world, via the internet. Oh, and did I mention, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your desk, beach chair or whatever place you prefer to engage from.

There’s no arguing that 1-on-1 personal conversations with a prospect is one of the most effective ways to win new clients. But is it plausible to travel round the world to meet 1-on-1 with thousands of prospects? If what you’re pursuing is 6-8 figure deals, it’s possible. If you’re a small business, and the deal is not that juicy, it doesn’t make sense to spend all that money on the logistics.

But hosting a webinar that allows you to meet with all those prospects all over the world in a 1-2 hour timespan? That makes so much sense, in terms of logistics.

4. You Can Make Sales Without Ever Selling

The highest converting webinars teach and sell at the same time. Great number of businesses make the mistake of teaching, then selling. It becomes so obvious when you begin to sell. A well crafted webinar will help you close more businesses without ever having to ‘hard close’ or ‘hard sell’ anybody.

Let me tell you what an effective webinar does. An effective webinar content:

  • shows the prospect his problems
  • removes the prospects objections
  • delivers value without teaching too much

An effective webinar should teach your audience “what to want.” That WHAT, is your product. By the time your offer is made, your entire audience already wants the product (solution) you’re offering to the problem you showed him at the beginning.

This way, sales is much more natural, and there’s no hard-selling involved.

5. Webinars Help You Generate New Leads

Reasons To Host A Webinar - New Leads

The whole point of marketing is to generate new leads. Businesses with enough leads will find it easy to grow. Almost every business is driven by leads, yet most businesses are (unfortunately) not able to generate new high quality leads. Webinars are a great way to attract new eyeballs to your business, generate new (high quality) leads, and boost your conversion rate.

When people register for your webinar. What happens is that they give you their names and email address, and sometimes more information. With that, they have effectively told you that they’re interested in your product and want to learn more about your solutions.

You can promote your webinar by leveraging your guests audience, running a paid ad, or showcasing it on your homepage. You can also get affiliates to promote to their audience. Of course you can also promote to your existing email list, but that will be basically qualifying the leads, not generating new ones.

6. Webinars Are Great For Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Reasons to host a webinar - Keep Your Audience Engaged

There are two beautiful reasons why I think webinars are great. The first is, they’re one-time, live events. With this reason, the power of scarcity is activated. If your audience show up late, they miss part of the webinar. Don’t show up at all, and they miss all of it. This scarcity is the foundation that every webinar is built upon. With videos, it’s easy to pause and come back to it later, but not with webinars. If you miss it, you miss out. If your prospect misses the webinar, they will feel the pain of missing out.

The second reason is about engagement in conversations. Webinars, unlike videos, give your audience a voice. They can vocalize opinions, ask and answer questions, and do much more. When someone is chatting and actively asking and answering questions about the lesson they’re being taught, they’re more focused and engaged.

7. Webinars Help You Qualify New Leads

This is one of the most important reasons to host a webinar. One of the best ways to build relationships is by giving value first. Webinars give businesses the opportunity to teach (give value) first. This process will lead you to educating your audience about why your product is the best solution to their problem. Then again, webinars allow your leads to attach a face and a voice to your brand. You get to have conversations in real-time with your audience.

Just short of visiting your prospect in person or jumping on a personal phone call, webinars are the best way to build personal relationships with your leads. The best part is that it works with new leads just as well as it works with “seasoned” leads. You can leave a great first impression on people who are hearing from you for the first time.

8. Webinars Allow You To Leverage Other People’s Audience

When you collaborate with guest (speakers) on your webinar, they would usually be happy to share the webinar registration (landing) page with their own audience.

Aside leveraging your guest’s audience, being able to pull an industry expert to your webinar, will position you as an expert too. After all, birds of a feather flock together, right? You borrow your guest’s credibility when they attach their face to your brand! This can lead to increase in overall excitement, attendance rates, and social media sharing.

CAVEAT: Because your guest is willing to share your upcoming webinar with their audience, doesn’t mean it’s their job to do so. The job of promoting your webinar, is yours. Promoting it is a great way to expose your brand to new eyes, a whole new audience, new business opportunities and lots more benefits.

9. Proven-To-Convert Webinars Can Attract New Affiliates

One more of the reasons to host a webinar is its ability to attract new affiliates aka promoters to your business. There are two things affiliates love so much. Affiliates want something;

  • With high conversion rate
  • that delivers value to their audience

I could tell you so much about affiliates in this post, but suffice to say, if an affiliate is not going to make money from sending you traffic, they won’t promote your webinar. If an affiliate knows that your webinar has high conversion rate, and that it delivers enormous value to attendees, and that they stand to make a lot of money from sending you traffic, they will promote you well.

Once you have stats from your previous webinars, to prove that affiliates make money (earnings per attendee, earnings per registrant, earnings per click, etc.), this is enough to attract high profile affiliates to promote your webinar. With these stats, they already have an idea how much money they might expect to make, before even starting to promote you.

10. Webinars Gets You Faster ROI (While Speeding Up Your Sales Process)

Reasons to host a webinar | Faster ROI

Every company needs revenue to grow. Your cash flow determines whether you live or die as a company. So, the faster you convert every new lead, the better off your company will be, in terms of revenue. Webinars help speed up the process of converting leads to paying customers. How? By taking all of the initial funnel-steps and merging them together; they let you build trust, deliver value, and kill objections in a short timeframe.

For instance, if you can drive qualified webinar registrants for $15 per registrant. And your webinar successfully generates an average earning per registrant of $15, you have already broke even. Any more money that comes from these leads after the webinar is pure profit. All yours to keep.

In Conclusion: I Think You Already See Many reasons To Host A Webinar

Webinars are powerful for a lot of reasons, and there are certainly much more than 10 reasons to host a webinar. Hopefully, you get inspired by this short list of reasons to run a webinar for your business. Whether it’s for training, lead generation or for sales; the point is, the upside of organizing a webinar for your business far outweighs the downside (if there are any downsides at all).

Are there other peculiar reasons you think webinars might be great for your business? Let me know in the comments below!

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