Google Aims to Forecast Floods in India Using AI: Here’s the Lowdown

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Guess what? Google and Apollo Hospitals in India are teaming up to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help detect diseases early. But that’s not all they’re up to – they’re also taking on another big problem: predicting floods.

According to HT Tech, Google researchers have come up with some super smart ways to use AI to forecast floods way better than before.

So, how does it work? Well, they’ve developed these fancy computer models that can predict floods with amazing accuracy.

These models are based on something called the Global Flood Awareness System version 4, which is run by a group called the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

The cool thing is, these AI models can predict floods earlier and more accurately than the old-fashioned methods.

Yossi Matias, who’s a big shot at Google, and Grey Nearing, a Research Scientist, are really excited about this project.

They say it’s all part of Google’s plan to fight climate change and help make the world more resilient to disasters. And they think AI and machine learning (ML) are key players in this mission.

The AI model they’ve built for this study uses something called long short-term memory networks to predict how much water will be in rivers over the next week.

It’s been trained using data from thousands of river gauges, and it’s so good that it can give predictions for 80 countries up to a whole week in advance.

After working on this for several years, the Google researchers didn’t just stop at making cool models – they turned their findings into a real-time flood forecasting system.

This system sends out alerts through Google Search, Maps, and even Android notifications, making sure people know when floods might be coming so they can get ready and stay safe.

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