Hypotenuse AI Review: Best AI Writing Assistant Yet?

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This Hypotenuse AI review talks about my experience using this copywriting tool.

If you’re in the content writing business, you will often be called upon to create a mix of write-ups from blog posts, product descriptions to web copies and social media ad copies.

And writer’s block can set in sometimes. But what do you do when writer’s block comes calling? How do you get your mind around all of the content that need to be churned out?

Enter Hypotenuse AI – your AI writing assistant that writes your content in seconds – without writer’s block.

Well, I tried this AI writing tool – and I was impressed.

So I decided to create this honest review of Hypotenuse AI, and I hope it helps you decide whether to try out this tool or not.

This Hypotenuse AI review will focus on:

  • Hypotenuse AI Key Features
  • Pricing
  • Pros and Cons
  • Support
  • Alternatives

Want to try Hypotenuse AI already? Check out Hypotenuse AI website.

Best AI Affiliate Programs to Join - Hypotenuse AI

The AI revolution is already in full swing, with new and better tools hitting the markets daily.

That said, Hypotenuse has been receiving some traction online for quite some time, with users lauding its pricing and functionality.

The platform itself is an AI copywriting tool that was created to help you speed up content writing. But can it really provide high-quality content quickly and automate your blogging and writing?

Here’s a summary of my review of Hypotenuse AI;

Hypotenuse AI Review

Dienye Diri

Ease of Use


Hypotenuse AI is a writing assistant and text generator. This AI content generator makes use of natural language processing to quickly create quality content. There are about 30 templates for a variety of use cases. Hypotenuse AI is best for writing up-to-date articles and generating product descriptions. If you’re into ecommerce, you’ll find the bulk product description feature very impressive.



Hypotenuse AI is a powerful and easy-to-use natural language processing AI writing tool that is geared toward e-commerce and social media content creation.

To get a firsthand feel of the platform, I decided to sign up for their 7 days free trial. Unlike most other platforms, they didn’t ask for my credit card details.

Here’s everything I learned using this AI writing assistant;


Hypotenuse AI has many features, and most of them are the same features you’ll find on other AI writing tools, but I’ll mention some key features that sets it apart.

1. Hypotenuse AI Content Detective

Hypotenuse AI Review - Content Detective

Hypotenuse AI’s content detective is a solid feature of this platform. The feature allows you to quickly fact check your articles and find sources with just a click of a button. 

Also there’s no need spending hours researching a blog topic as this content detective provides key talking points and sources to reference so you can hit the ground running.

2. Batch Generator

Hypotenuse AI batch generator is a great tool if you have, for example, a Shopify e-commerce store.

With it, you can import all of your products via CSV or directly through the Shopify integration and have Hypotenuse bulk write descriptions for each of them.

However, before hitting the publish button, it’ll be best for you to proof-read the generated text.

3. HypoArt – Hypotenuse AI Image Generator

Hypotenuse AI Review | Key Features | HypoArt

Just describe any image in your head to Hypotenuse AI’s image generator and watch it create stunning images for you.

The AI has been trained using millions of images on the web, and can produce unique and personalized images each time.

AI image generation can offer interesting results, but be mindful that results will vary depending on the input you provide to the tool.

This tool is great for creating unique visuals for your blogs or products, but if you’re looking for a professional presentation, as with the text generation, the images will require editing in your favorite photo editing tool.

Other features and functions of Hypotenuse AI like blog writing, content writing, summarizing and paraphrasing tools are pretty much the same as with other AI writing platforms.

As long as you don’t expect miracles, you will get useful content that you can use with some editing beforehand. The same can be said of its social media captions and ad copy creation capabilities.

4. HypoDoc

Hypotenuse AI Review | Key Features | HypoDoc

Don’t want generic text and random false facts from ChatGPT? Step in Hypotenuse AI’s HypoDoc.

HypoDoc trains itself on a document you provide, and answers questions from that document in a chat with you.

This feature is useful if you need to read a document of say, 50 pages, and extract information from it in one night.

Just upload the document to Hypotenuse AI, let HypoDoc read it and provide you with key insights from the document depending on your questions.

5. Bulk Content Generator

If you constantly need to churn out content for say, a marketing campaign or product descriptions for an ecommerce store, you know how tedious and time-consuming that can be.

Hypotenuse AI Review | Key Features | Bulk Content Generator

What do you do instead? Use Hypotenuse AI’s bulk content generator.

You simply import products from a CSV file and generate descriptions in bulk, in case of product descriptions for an ecommerce store.

You have the option to add five keywords for each product.

The generation process can take a few minutes (depending on the size of your file).

As with the Hypotenuse AI blog article writing tool, you can also translate the generated content into other languages, and different tone variations.


Hypotenuse AI is a simple solution for you if:

  1. You are a content creator looking to increase your content production and want to write high-quality content quickly.
  2. You run an e-commerce business and need to produce outstanding product descriptions at scale.


Hypotenuse AI has three pricing plans;

Hypotenuse AI Review | Pricing

  • Individual: $29/month ($24/month when paid annually)
  • Teams: $59/month ($49/month when paid annually)
  • Custom: contact support for pricing

The individual plan allows up to 50,000 words monthly and is for one user only. So it’s ideal for bloggers.

The Teams plan allows up to 120,000 words per month, plus higher quality images and plagiarism checker. Up to 5 users are allowed on this plan.

The Custom plan is best suited for large companies. With the Custom plan, you get the Team package perks as well as bespoke AI models, templates, and workflows with enterprise-grade security.


No product review is complete without a look at the support team’s effectiveness and what kind of support they offer.

For this Hypotenuse AI review, I took a look at the support section of their website and found that Hypotenuse AI has a help section filled with video guides, articles and a FAQs section.

Hypotenuse AI Review | Hypotenuse AI Support

But to get to an actual human, Hypotenuse AI did not offer live chat or phone support at the time of writing this review even though their pricing section mentioned ‘basic chat and priority chat’ for their Individual and Team plans. I was a bit disappointed.

I hope they train their AI in future to answer real questions from humans and direct them to the appropriate support section if need be.

Hypotenuse AI offers email support though. To send them an email, you’d simply click ‘contact’ at the top of their help page and a form drops down to compose your email.

Hypotenuse AI promises to ‘respond in a few hours’. Whatever that meant.


Here, I give you a list of some things I liked and didn’t like about Hypotenuse AI. Here goes;


  • Content generation is fast and seamless
  • User interface is simple and friendly
  • Can generate product descriptions in bulk
  • Content detective provides up-to-date research
  • Price is good compared to what you get.
  • In-built plagiarism checker
  • 30 language variations


  • Image generation can get better
  • Individual plan does not have access to plagiarism checker
  • Help section need more guides and tutorials to cover user issues.
All said, Hypotenuse AI is a great tool for anyone wishing to create content at scale. The Individual plan has the basic tools any solo content creator would need and for a fair price.


Want to get the most out of Hypotenuse AI? The video above walks you through an introduction to the AI and provide some tips and tricks to get the most out of the experience.


For this Hypotenuse AI review, I’ll talk about two (2) Hypotenuse AI alternatives namely;

  • Rytr
  • GetGenie

1. Rytr

AI Story Generators - Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing tool built to create high-quality content with ease.

It’s ideal for website copy, marketing materials and blog posts.

Rytr streamlines the writing process and with just a click, you can access features like SEO meta descriptions, blog outlines, and social media ad copy.

Rytr works by analyzing lots of text data from the web, using OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology.

This knowledge enables the software to generate unique content for a variety of applications that is generally free from plagiarism

Rytr has a Free Plan that you can use to generate up to 10,000 characters/month. And you can upgrade to a paid plan starting at just $9/month for up to 100,000 characters/month.

FEATURES OF RYTR – What Rytr is Good for?

Rytr is an AI writer that let’s you automatically generate high quality content for various use cases like;

  • Blog idea and writing
  • Writing business idea pitch
  • Generating creative brand names
  • Coming up with creative and high converting CTAs for ads
  • Writing email copies
  • Write creative and original Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter ads
  • Creating landing page and website copies
  • Generate related keywords and keyphrases for SEO purposes
  • Create original poems, product descriptions, newsletters
  • Create engaging job descriptions and thoughtful interview questions for the roles.
  • …and so much more

There’s just so much that Rytr can do, and this brief write-up doesn’t adequately cover all of it. I think you should check out their website yourself.

2. GetGenie

GetGenie is a writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write, optimize, and research content for your website.

The GetGenie AI tool is really easy to use for content creation, with some nice additional SEO features.

This tool has a WordPress integration that users would love.

GetGenie doesn’t have the same level of search engine optimization quality as a tool like SurferSEO, but the AI technology can certainly help you create content that will help improve your search volume.

This tool is best for marketers who will have particular interest in the SEO features, such as keyword research, SEO analysis, and optimization of content.

It is also ideal for anyone who works on their own marketing efforts, small businesses, or any business that uses WordPress.

KEY FEATURES OF GETGENIE – What GetGenie is Good For?

  • SEO: Optimize your content for search engine with predictive analysis
  • Keyword Research: find relevant and untapped keywords in seconds
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyze your competitors and outdo them with better ideas
  • Head-to-head Analysis
  • One-Click Blog
  • Advanced Writing
  • GenieChat – AI ChatBot: Amazing chatbot with customizable personalities
  • 37+ AI Templates: to generate write-ups in seconds
  • … plus more

GetGenie can help you write, optimize and conquer the cut-throat game of SERP ranking.

The Free Plan allows up to 2,500 AI writing words per month, plus 10 SEO keyword analysis and 5 competitor SERP analysis per month.

Pricing starts at $11.4/month when billed annually.



I’ll end this Hypotenuse AI review by saying that with the Hypotenuse AI writer by your side, you can accomplish a lot more when it comes to content creation, than you would have done alone.

You will fall in love with the intuitive and easy to navigate interface.

Even though some Hypotenuse AI content is detectable by Originality.ai, with a few tweaks, you will get a completely original content that is plagiarism-free.

And all of this for an affordable price point.

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