Stanhope Secures £2.3m Funding to Further Develop AI That Teaches Machines to Make Decisions Like Humans

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Stanhope AI, a company that’s using decades of neuroscience research to teach machines how to think and make decisions like humans, just got a big boost.

They managed to raise £2.3 million in funding, and the UCL Technology Fund was a big part of it.

But it’s not just them – Creator Fund, MMC Ventures, Moonfire Ventures, Rockmount Capital, and some angel investors also joined in.

Stanhope AI was actually started by some really big names in neuroscience and AI research, including CEO Professor Rosalyn Moran, Director Karl Friston, and Technical Advisor Dr. Biswa Sengupta.

They’re using principles from neuroscience and applying them to AI and math, which is a pretty big deal. Their tech is part of a new generation of AI called ‘agentic’ AI.

This new approach is based on something called Active Inference, which is all about how our brains predict and adapt to things around us.

It’s different from the old-school machine learning methods because it lets AI learn and adapt on its own, kind of like how our brains work.

And get this – their AI models don’t need tons of power or data to run. They’re small enough to work on things like drones and other devices.

Their work is based on research by Professor Friston, who’s a big deal in the neuroscience world.

His Free Energy Theory Principle is all about how our brains minimize surprise and uncertainty. This idea is at the core of what Stanhope AI is doing.

Right now, they’re testing their tech with delivery drones and other machines, and they’ve got partners like Germany’s Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation and the Royal Navy on board.

In the long run, they think their tech could be a game-changer for things like manufacturing and industrial robotics.

The funding they got will help them keep developing their AI models and put their research into practice.

Professor Moran, the CEO, said they’re all about bridging the gap between neuroscience and AI to create smarter machines.

And their investors, like the UCL Technology Fund, are pretty excited about what they’re doing. They think Stanhope AI could be a game-changer in the AI world.

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