UK and US Forge Agreement to Create AI Safety Tests

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The UK and US just made a big deal to work together on making sure advanced AI systems are safe to use.

This agreement, signed by UK Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan and US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, is all about creating strong tests to check how well these AI systems work.

They’re teaming up to share their research and skills to make sure AI doesn’t cause any harm. This includes checking AI systems made by companies like OpenAI.

Both countries are taking this seriously because they know how important AI is for the future. They want to make sure AI is safe for everyone to use.

The partnership follows promises made at a big AI safety meeting in the UK last year. They plan to do joint tests on AI models and share what they find with each other.

Donelan says this is a big moment for both countries to work together on such an important technology. Raimondo agrees, saying AI is a big deal and this partnership will help keep everyone safe.

They’re not just stopping at testing – they’ll also share important info about AI and work together on research. This will help create a common set of rules for testing AI safely.

Even though they’re focusing on safety, Donelan says the UK isn’t planning to put strict rules on AI right now. But in the US, President Joe Biden is taking a tougher stance on AI that could be risky for national security.

Experts in the industry think this partnership is a great idea. They say it’s important to make sure AI is safe to use, especially in fields like finance and customer service.

Ramprakash Ramamoorthy from Zoho says making sure AI is safe is crucial for trust. And Dr. Henry Balani from Encompass thinks this partnership will help reduce risks in areas like financial crime and support new ideas in AI.

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