Tennessee Becomes First State to Enact Law Safeguarding Music Artists from AI

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Hey, did you hear about what’s happening in Tennessee?

Governor Bill Lee just signed a new law aimed at safeguarding musicians and music pros from potential AI shenanigans. It’s a big deal because Tennessee is the first state in the US to do something like this.

Starting from July 1st, 2024, this law kicks in, and its main goal is to stop AI from using artists’ voices without their say-so.

Governor Lee made it clear that Tennessee is a hub for the music biz, and everything artists create belongs to them, not to some computer program.

Under this new law, they’re adding vocal likeness protection to something called the ‘ELVIS Act’. That stands for ‘Ensuring Likeness, Voice, and Image Security Act’.

Basically, folks in Tennessee could get in trouble if they go around using artists’ voices or work without getting the green light first.

A lot of musicians in Tennessee are saying it’s about time something like this happened. They’re feeling the heat from AI creeping into their everyday lives and creative spaces.

Governor Lee even signed the bill into law at a famous spot in Nashville called Robert’s Western World, underlining how important it is to protect artists’ rights, especially in today’s digital age.

Even though the bill got a thumbs-up from everyone in the Tennessee Statehouse and loads of support from the music industry, now comes the real test – seeing how it all plays out in the real world.

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